Utah Brewery Chooses 100 Percent Wind Power

Utah Brewery Chooses 100 Percent Wind
Environmental News Network
A small Salt Lake City brewery has announced it will start using
energy generated from a wind farm to power its company, reports
theEnvironmental News Network. The Uinta Brewing
Company has been using wind power from a Wyoming farm since the
beginning of December, making it the first company in the state to
run on pollution-free power from Utah Power’s Blue Sky Wind Power
Program. The Blue Sky Program, launched in 2000, allows customers
to choose how their energy is produced by purchasing blocks of
renewable energy. Uinta owner Will Hamill says he thought using
wind power would be good for the company, since they already donate
to community organizations and recycle as much as they can.
‘Running our new brewery and pub on 100 percent wind-generated
electricity is the next logical step,’ he says.
–Kate Garsombke
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