Viagra in Thailand

Viagra in Thailand, Joshua
Kurlantzick, Troika
Well known in the sex tourism circuit, Thailand’s sex workers are
upping the ante by offering the wonder drug Viagra to keep business
flowing. The latest issue of Troika features Joshua
Kurlantzick’s narrative account of life on the streets of Pattaya,
now ‘a sexual Disneyland’: the frantic nights of male tourists
dancing, popping arousing pills and finding a ‘lady,’ and the lows
of mornings after, not only of depression, but often leading to
dangerous recourses. ‘Ian and his friends pounce on the pills,’
recounts Kurlantzick. ‘Jackie, a fiftyish Frenchman, gobbles
100-milligram tablets. Eric, a 22-year old English teacher in
Bangkok, uses a coffee stirrer to snort a powder made from Viagra
and yaaba. I’d always thought of Viagra as a private drug, more
like Rogaine than cocaine, something to be taken at home and never
mentioned. Yet here we are, sitting at a popular bar and finishing
Pfizer’s finest.’ — Amanda
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