Voices That Must Be Heard

The Voices That Must Be Heard Project creates a vehicle to
broaden readership for the work of New York?s ethnic and community
journalists. Most stories were originally printed in other
languages?including Spanish, Korean, Chinese, French, Arabic,
Russian, Polish, and Indian?and are translated into English,
allowing a multitude of communities to share their news with other
New Yorkers and the English-speaking world. The project is
supported by the Independent Press Association-New York, the only
association of ethnic and community publications in the city.
Updated weekly, the Web site reprints news affecting a diverse
group of communities and includes pertinent information regarding
post-9/11 discrimination and immigration issues and hate crime
prevention. The Web site also gives voice to individual views about
current events from people who have recently emigrated to the
United States. The March 27 edition features a special section with
war coverage from the ethnic press. This Web site should serve as a
valuable model for ethnic community presses across the country
looking to share their stories with a wider audience.
Anne Geske

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