Webcast: Wes Jackson and the Future of Agriculture

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Join agricultural pioneer Wes Jackson as he
discusses both the impacts of globalization on farming in America,
and what you can do about it. Wes is President of the Land
Institute and a contributor to ‘Fatal Harvest,’ a recently
published book that illustrates not only the threats, but also
potential solutions to the challenges posed to our food and fiber
industry by the industrial agricultural system, genetic engineering
and corporate control.

Listen in this Friday as Wes speaks live in Minneapolis at the
Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy as part of IATP’s Global
Caf? series. Listeners to the webcast will be able to post
questions to Wes during the event and join a follow-up discussion
in Caf? Utne, our online community.

Come back Friday at 5:30 PM Central for the
live audio

BIO: Wes Jackson

Wes Jackson, President of The Land Institute
(founded in 1976), was born in 1936 on a farm near Topeka, Kansas.
After attending Kansas Wesleyan (B.A Biology, 1958), he studied
botany (M.A. University of Kansas, 1960) and genetics (Ph.D. North
Carolina State University, 1967). He was a professor of biology at
Kansas Wesleyan and later established the Environmental Studies
program at California State University, Sacramento, where he became
a tenured full professor. He resigned that position in 1976.

Dr. Jackson’s writings include both papers and books. His most
recent work, Rooted in the Land: Essays on Community and
co-edited with William Vitek, was released by Yale
University Press in 1996. Becoming Native to This Place was
published in 1994 and sketches his vision for the resettlement of
America’s rural communities. Altars of Unhewn Stone appeared
in 1987 and Meeting the Expectations of the Land, edited
with Wendell Berry and Bruce Colman, was published in 1984. New
Roots for Agriculture,
1980, outlines the basis for the
agricultural research at The Land Institute.

The work of The Land Institute has been featured extensively in the
popular media including The Atlantic Monthly,Audubon, The MacNeil-Lehrer News Hour, and National Public
Radio’s ‘All Things Considered.’ Life magazine named Wes
Jackson as one of 18 individuals they predict will be among the 100
‘important Americans of the 20th century.’ He is a recipient of the
Pew Conservation Scholars award (1990), a MacArthur Fellowship
(1992), and Right Livelihood Award (2000).

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