Wesley Clark for Emperor?

Harking back to the warnings of Hadrian against the ‘folly of
limitless empire,’ Christopher Lydon compares Wesley Clark with the
2nd-Century Roman emperor and ‘first-class warrior’. Lydon notes
that Hadrian was unwilling to overstretch Rome’s armed forces,
specifically in Mesopatamia, and preferred instead to restore and
build areas already under Roman control. This seems to be Clark’s
position, as well, Lydon states, interspersing writings from
Hadrian with quotes from Clark. ‘Hadrian set the context in which I
heard Clark,’ Lydon says of a recent speech by the new candidate —
another very quick tough military mind who speaks his experience
and his curiosity about the world fluidly, with (to my ears) a very
striking mix of caution and confidence.’
Joel Stonington

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Way to Think About Wesley Clark

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