What Do You Stand For?

Dear Utne readers,

What you and I have in common are adventurous spirits and open

As some of you probably know, we are putting on our first-ever
women’s event November 10-13, at the Crossings (a wonderful eco
spa) so I wanted to tell you why I decided to do it and why you
should come.

These are times that demand of all of us that we stand up and
speak up. But I know for myself that I throw a lot of internal
obstacles in my own way — the voices that say ‘I don’t know
enough’ or ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘I’m not ready.’

However, my life has taken a course in the last few years that
has forced me to show up and speak up in ways I never anticipated
and wouldn’t have thought myself capable of.

I am blessed to have been bolstered and challenged and inspired
by incredible women — leaders who embody the strengths of the
feminine and who have learned to move beyond their own fears and

I wanted to share some of the gifts I have received with a
larger community of women, so I designed this event for women who
care about making a difference and want to be more connected to
their own passion and purpose.

I have brought together an amazing group of presenters — my own
personal pantheon of goddesses. To mention a few: Frances Moore
Lappe, author of a number of groundbreaking books, starting with
Diet For a Small Planet; Nina Simons, co-founder of
Bioneers, which I think is the best source of hope around; Jodie
Evans, co-founder of Code Pink, strategist for Cindy Sheehan and
probably the most effective angel I’ve ever met; Rachel Bagby,
writer, singer, activist, farmer and attorney, whose voice and
wisdom stir my heart. And that’s just the beginning.

This retreat is not cheap — but I want you to know that in
coming, you will not only be nurturing yourself, but you will also
be supporting independent media. Which is an endangered species
these days…

So please consider coming (or skip the considering and just
come). If you can’t make it, send a deserving activist who will be
cared for and replenished. Or send us a check — there are lots of
women we would love to offer scholarships to.

If you need more information, follow this link:

Or just pick up the phone and register: 877-944-3003.

With love and anticipation,


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