When the FCC Came to Town

If fear of corporate takeover has been keeping you up nights,
Seattle writer and activist Geov Parrish?s report from a recent
hearing on the Federal Communications Commission?s (FCC) proposal
to further deregulate the broadcast industry will surely provide
some relief. Parrish?s article, posted on the progressive Web site
Workingforchange.com, tells the story of how FCC
commissioner Michael Copps, the commission?s lone dissenter against
the proposal, rallied for support and managed to score a public
hearing as far from D.C. as possible. The battle between the need
for media diversity and the need for commercial broadcasters to
compete with other media technologies got several rounds in the
ring and, according to Parrish, proponents of media diversity are
winning. ?Media activists are the competition,? he writes.
?And what they?re producing is frequently better.?
Heather Dewar

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