Why Can’t the Democrats Get Tough

Why Can’t the Democrats Get Tough?,
Paul Glastris, Washington Monthly
The Bush White House is partisan, imperial and ruthless, writes
Paul Glastris in the Washington Monthly, but it’s not
invulnerable. So why have Democrats become nonconfrontational wimps
with seemingly little fight left in them? One reason, suggests
Glastris, is that without the White House, Democrats lack a focal
point of power. But Glastris also argues that the problem is a
difference of partisan fury, most notably seen in how the two
parties use the media. The liberal press looks to validate ideas
and status by presenting all sides of an issue fairly. The
conservative press doesn’t pretend to be in the business of
presenting an issue objectively; it is only interested in promoting
its side successfully. It is in that ruthless attitude toward
partisanship that the Democrats need to stop worrying about words
and actions if they are to regain any sort of political voice.
Because when the cause is just, Glastris argues, partisanship is
something that the average American can admire.

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