Why Do McDonald’s Fries Taste So Good?

Why Do McDonald’s Fries Taste So
Eric Schlosser, Atlantic Monthly
Well, it’s a two-part answer. They used to taste so good because
they were fried in a mixture of seven percent cottonseed oil and 93
percent beef tallow–a mixture that gave the fries more saturated
beef fat per ounce than a McDonald’s hamburger, writes Eric
Schlosser in Atlantic Monthly. In 1990, however,
things changed. Due to health concerns, McDonald’s switched to pure
vegetable oil, a change that allayed cholesterol worries but robbed
the fries of their subtle beef flavor. What did they do? They did
what millions of manufacturers of frozen and processed foods
do–inject chemicals into the food. In his engrossing article,
Schlosser takes the reader on a tour of northern New Jersey, the
home of many of the world’s largest flavor companies, and
introduces us to flavorists–mortician-like scientists who attempt
to revive processed food through the use of color and flavor
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