Why William Gibson Quit Blogging

If you haven?t yet checked out William Gibson?s weblog, you?d
better get it while the getting?s good. The legendary cyberpunk
novelist, who coined the term ?cyberspace,? says he is giving up
his popular weblog for fear that it might stifle his creative
thinking about his next novel, reports Wired News? Karlin
Lillington. Back home in Vancouver at the end of a PR tour for his
latest novel, Pattern Recognition, Gibson posted the
rationale for his decision: ?Blogging seems to me to be as
undemanding an activity, however congenial, as ?writing? is
demanding. Blogging is conversational, literally informal, and
seldom even comes close to engaging the compositional gear-train
required for even a brief essay, let alone for an extended work of
prose fiction.? He goes on to talk about Jack Kerouac?s On the
, which for years was believed to have been written on a
single scroll of paper ?in one benzedrine-fuelled, angel-headed
go,? but was recently discovered to have been carefully redrafted
several times before being published. With blogging, says Gibson
?There?s no risk involved. Unless, if you?re accustomed to playing
for higher stakes, it?s the risk of some edge being taken off your
?Leif Utne

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