Y2K and Us: Facing the Challenge

‘A clear, concise, and non-threatening overview of the need for
community action and how to launch that action.’

–Mick Winter, Chairman Napa Valley Citizens for Year 2000

Y2K & US: Facing the Challenge is a 15 minute
briefing video – rich in best practice and grassroots lessons
learned. This user-friendly outreach tool is crafted to help
elected officials, emergency managers and employers; non-profit,
foundation and civic leaders; teachers, faith communities, and

Local civic leaders and national experts on community economic
development, healthcare, and local government share their
experiences and insights in a balanced and powerful call to action.
Our peers invite us all to tap our creative juices and lead the
charge for community preparedness now, while we have a robust
infrastructure and intact supply chains.

We are all in this together. It is time to increase our own
inner preparedness, appreciate our ‘simple abundance’ and expand
our circles of influence. With a healthy, shared vision of success
and informed collaborative action, we will cope and recover, not
just individually, but as the richly diverse and caring communities
we help shape.

Y2K & US includes the following steps:

  • Intro to Y2K – how 2 digits create risks
  • Reality Check – a sober assessment
  • Understanding – to educate helps to motivate
  • Pulling Together – respect shared interests
  • Reaching Out – gain leverage by working together
  • Staying Focused – the critical path to success

Those who listen openly will quickly grasp the vital components
for success, and see the value of community spirit and timeliness.
Y2K & US helps establish a common frame of reference for
small group dialogue and a climate for positive action.

Find a place to gather regularly to provide Y2K orientations and
mutual support! Our responsible leadership now will help us have
peace of mind later, so we won’t have to look back and think ‘if

We have just cut the individual price down to the original bulk
order cost of $9.95 each, plus s/h and applicable taxes. All orders
are filled by Public Production Group and they do not accept
checks, so please have a credit card handy.

CALL TOLL FREE 1-800-529-9575

Feel free to broadcast the video in its entirety, with credits,
upon request, at no charge. For a modest licensing fee,
organizations will be sent a BETA master tape to reproduce and
disseminate this video, as is, to their members. Please share how
you propose to use the video and any headers or trailers you would
like to add.

The National Y2K Civic Leadership Initiative is a co-founder of
Coalition 2000: The Network for Year 2000 Community Preparedness.
For more details, see www.coalition2000.org

Lois R. Saboe, MSW has spent more than 20 years promoting
research utilization and the transfer of best practice in human
services, education and training. She is now the Senior Community
Organizer for the Center for Y2K & Society in DC. Please visit
www.y2kcenter.org for ideas
worth funding and to share lessons learned. Help us help you help

How does ‘Y2K & US: Facing the Challenge’ help?

This video shows how people, in a variety of ways, have come
to grips with the fear and anxiety Y2K engenders and are taking
positive action. It shows that others have gone before and how you
don’t have to start from scratch.

— Stuart Umpleby, Ph.D. Professor of Management Science George
Washington University

Y2K & US explained the issue in a logical sequence in a
way that almost anyone could understand and made clear what some of
the potential impact could be for people. For me, it brought
together in one place all the different facets. It was really well

— Valerie D. Smith, Communications Assistant American
Association of Retired Persons

It serves as a valuable tool for community groups to use in
becoming ‘Y2K aware.’

— Steve Tartaglini, Director Center for Y2K Community Action

Local governments need citizens to prepare to deal with
adversity by working with existing community emergency management
organizations. The Y2K & US video is an excellent tool to use
to brief neighborhood groups and for public awareness campaigns on
public television.

Very educational! It will help any sleepy little church serve
as a resource center on emergency preparedness with quality,
up-to-date materials. It will help build community as the steps are
followed through.

— Pastor Edward Grant New Life Christian Center

Y2K & US: Facing the Challenge provides an excellent
introduction to the Year 2000 computer problem. It has a special
appeal for diverse audiences – including those of limited income,
minorities, and women.

— Harrison W. Fox, Ph.D., long-time congressional professional
staff member and emergency management specialist

The people are very credible and knowledgeable – not pushing
a product or solution on you. I find it appeals to diverse groups
and encourages networking with neighbors and others, not just
individual and family preparedness.

— Virginia Hirsch, Coordinator Staff Development and Quality
Management Milwaukee Public Schools

It very clearly presents community values that are important
to foster and encourage at this time when it is so urgent.

— Ron Strom, Co-Executive Director Josephine Community
Preparedness Project

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