Y2K Citizen’s Action Guide: Ordering Information

Single copies of the Y2K Citizen’s Action Guide can be purchased for $4.95 US ($5.95 CAN) at bookstores nationally and from leading on-line booksellers. Community preparedness groups are encouraged to purchase copies in bulk at a special price of $1.00 per copy (in boxes of 50), and resell them as a means to raise funds for their efforts.

Order Single Copies

Single copies of Utne Reader’s Y2K Citizen’s Action Guide can be ordered through Powell’s Books.


Order by phone by calling 800-878.7323

Order Bulk Copies

Bulk orders of this book (in increments of 50 copies), can be purchased for $1.00 US per book (e.g., $50 US for 50 books) plus shipping and handling.

Shipping and handling charges are:
? U.S. STANDARD (2-4 weeks) $7.50 US/50 copies
? CANADA STANDARD (2-4 weeks) $25 US/50 copies
? U.S. 5-DAY EXPRESS (5-DAY GUARANTEED) $20 US/50 copies

Minnesota residents, please add 7% sales tax.
New Jersey residents, please add 6% sales tax.

Order by phone with a credit card (Visa or Mastercard) by calling 800-880-8863


Order by mail by sending check or money order, payable to Y2K-Utne, to:
Bulk Order, Utne Reader, 1624 Harmon Place, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403, U.S.A.

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