Young Visionaries Media

By Staff


Generation Fix: Young Ideas for a Better World
(Beyond Words Publishing)
-Elizabeth Rusch

Another World Is Possible
(New Mouth from the Dirty South)
-Luis Sanchez

Choices for Our Future: A Generation Rising for Life on Earth No More Prisons
(Book Publishing Company)
-Ocean Robbins

No More Prisons
(Soft Skull Press)
-William Upski Wimsatt

Bomb the Suburbs
(Soft Skull Press)
-William Upski Wimsatt

Your Revolution (chapbook)
-Poems by Sarah Jones

Walking While Black: The Bill of Rights for Black Men
(Forthcoming from Harper Collins)
-Bryonn Bain


Clamor Magazine

Silicon Valley De-Bug: The Voice of the Young and Temporary

Radical Cheerbooks
or write to: Radical Cheerleaders, 961, Lake Worth, FL 33460


‘Your Revolution’ (CD Single)
Sarah Jones & DJ Vadim

‘No more Prisons’ (Compilation CD)
(Raptivism Records)

In-depth coverage of eye-opening issues that affect your life.