America’s Paper Trail

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Think the new e-culture of business has eliminated our need for paper? Think again: Even though e-mail is the established mode of business communication, American offices still use as much paper as they did back in 1994.

Paper Elephant, the most recent entry in the Center for American Progress’ “Easy Being Green” series, outlines how prevalent paper is in our daily lives and how much of that paper is wasted with unnecessary printouts, paper utility bills instead of e-bills, and endless streams of junk mail.

While America’s addiction to paper is somewhat obscene, the post’s tone is optimistic, outlining how you can cut back on paper usage and therefore save millions of tons of CO2 emissions from being released into the atmosphere.

The rest of the “Easy” series covers green-centric news and simple, specific ways to be more eco-friendly in your life, such as Community-Supported Agriculture programs, energy efficiency, and sustainable merchandise and services.

Image courtesy of Orin Optiglot, licensed under Creative Commons.

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