Why the Environment’s Trashed, You’re Broke, and Wars Drag On


 How corporate power is ruining your life, explained in animated GIFs  

 April 1970, when 20 million Americans hit the streets to celebrate the first Earth Day:  

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And it wasn’t just a party. People of all ages and political stripes were demanding regulations protecting earth, air, water, and wildlife.


Not everyone was happy about it, though. When Lewis Powell, a corporate lawyer from Richmond, Virginia, heard about Earth Day:

4/20/2013 10:19:30 PM

I don't feel I'm "slamming" anyone. I just think that we can oppose the encroachment of corporate influence without claiming that we are powerless over our own lives. You can't stop people from making bad choices, you can only inform them more fully of what their choices mean. That's the kind of thing I am totally in support of. Also, your facts need checking....the majority of Americans do not live at or below the poverty line. If they did, the "poverty line" would have been redefined. Plus, your belief that "fat" is one of the harmful things in our food is evidence of the kind of misinformation that leads to poor health nationally. A human being will die of malnutrition without proper fat intake...sugars and starches are completely expendable, however. I am not trying to be mean, but it's important to know your stuff if you want to really help people.

David Jerde
4/20/2013 9:54:56 AM

I generally concur with Rowan; people can make choices in their personal lives that will beneficially impact their health (physical, emotional, and financial). The problem is that, for our system of representative democracy to be effective, The People must be an informed and engaged electorate; too many individuals subrogate their rights and responsibilities, preferring to take the easier route of being mere consumers. Unless and until more people choose to be active and involved in politics and the direction of the country, the concentration of wealth created by our producer v. consumer economy will accentuate the power and influence of corporations in government. It is insufficient to simply be individually responsible; there needs to be a collective, sustained grass-roots movement. This cannot take the traditional form, where special interests sustain momentum; rather, this groundswell of concerned citizens work together - building consensus to govern.

4/20/2013 3:39:44 AM

You could have stopped at "the political power of corporations is absolutely out of hand". No need to go slamming the little people who are being brain-washed by tv ads, and who buy food at the local grocery store which is full of fat and addiction inducing ingredients which were specifically designed for that purpose by the manufacturers. Most Americans live at or below the poverty line and work at soul-crushing menial jobs. They are tired at the end of the day. They could use a little help. It should be easier to eat healthy than to eat junk food. If our society cared about the health of its citizens, the laws would be skewed to enhance that, instead of the profits of corporations.

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