Extreme Weather in a Time of Global Financial Crisis

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In an exhaustively researched piece on extreme weather in a time of global financial crisis, Tom Engelhardt of TomDispatch connects all of the dots he can find and admonishes the mainstream media for not doing the same.

“You can search far and wide without stumbling across a mainstream American overview of drought in our world at this moment,” writes Engelhardt. “This seems, politely put, puzzling, especially at a time when University College London’s Global Drought Monitor claims that 104 million people are now living under ‘exceptional drought conditions.”

“We’re now experiencing the extreme effects of economic bad ‘weather’ in the wake of the near collapse of the global financial system,” he notes, wondering what might happen if the economic crisis “long enough to meet an environmental crisis involving extreme weather? What will happen if the rising fuel prices likely to come with the beginning of any economic “recovery” were to meet the soaring food prices of environmental disaster? What kind of human tsunami might that result in?”

Read the entire piece:What Does Economic ‘Recovery’ Mean on an Extreme Weather Planet?

Source: TomDispatch

Image by suburbanbloke, licensed underCreative Commons.

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