UtneCast: A Guide to Ethical, Sustainable Seafood

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It’s difficult to tell the difference between ethical, sustainable seafood and the environmentally destructive fish you find on many menus. The seafood industry wreaks havoc on the environment, using massive ocean trawlers that destroy ancient habitats and kill massive amounts of fish unnecessarily. In the September-October issue of Utne Reader
, Taras Grescoe, author of the book
, helps readers navigate the confusing world of seafood and find delicious fish that can be eaten with a clear conscience.

For the latest episode of the UtneCast, I talked with Grescoe about the ways that everyone can enjoy healthy, sustainable seafood without destroying the environment.

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 Interveiw with Taras Grescoe on Sustainable Seafood:
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For more information on ethical seafood, visit www.utne.com/seafood.

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