How to Avoid a Geoengineering Disaster

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A frightening aspect of geoengineering–the attempts to counteract global warming by manipulating the climate–is that the actions of one country or even a single scientist could affect the entire world. “Done carelessly,” Jamais Casico writes for Momentum, “geonengineering could cause unintended environmental damage. It could also undermine the health and security of millions of people, and drive political wedges between powerful nations. Geoengineering could even push us to the brink of war.”

To avoid catastrophe, Casico proposes a few measures that must be taken before any individual or entity begins the work of manipulating the climate through science. He suggests that countries should adopt greater transparency and tough international laws and regulations. He also proposes an international “Ecoscientists Without Borders” organization to oversee the projects. The ideas can’t guarantee that geonengineering won’t destroy civilization as we know it, but they could make the end a little less likely.

Source: Momentum

Image by indigoprime, licensed under Creative Commons.

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