Indie Bands Pioneer Green Touring

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The biodiesel fueled tours of mainstream bands like Radiohead and Pearl Jam have been making headlines. A piece on green touring in Alarm notes that “environmentally friendly touring isn’t just for the rich and famous, and they aren’t the pioneers of the movement either.”

Underground musicians from Indiana-based metal band Iscariot to Fuck Yeah Fest organizer Sean Carlson toured in a vegetable oil converted “veggie van.” Folk duo The Ditty Bops garnered some press for green touring last year with their cross-country bicycle tour. Minnesota-based Cloud Cult has long been a leader in gree friendly practices in both their touring and production.

Atlanta-based Rob Del Bueno, formerly of Man or Astroman?, started a biodiesel brewery in his home to supply veggie-powered touring acts passing through town and has fueled the likes of David Byrne, Radiohead, and Jonathan Richman through the nonprofit Refuel Biodiesel where he is program manager.

Del Bueno tells Alarm that green touring requires occasional reinvention. “What bands have to be aware of is that you have to have someone in the band who understands the process and sustainable practices. There’s a lot of hands-on work and questions to ask.”

Source: Alarm(article not available online)

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