It’s an Eco-Destructive Disneyworld, After All

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When Bambi’s mother said, “Man is in the forest,” viewers knew trouble was coming. All the rollercoaster rides, funnel cakes, and plastic tchotchkes at Disney’s theme parks continue to wreak havoc on the environment in ways that Bambi, Thumper, and Mrs. Rabbit couldn’t have imagined. 

Estimating conservatively, the average daily consumption of a day at Disneyland is about three times that of a normal day, according to numbers crunched by David Ng on his blog. In terms of eco-footprint, Ng estimates that, “a person attending Disneyland may be going 12 fold his or her fair earthshare.”

Lately, Disney has been trying to green up their image. They’ve switched their theme park trains to biodiesel, they’ve created a less environmentally destructive kind of firework, and they’re working on cutting down on their carbon footprint. Even with those green innovations, the company has a long way to go before Bambi and his woodland friends can really feel safe.

Image byM.Minderhoud, licensed under Gnu.

Source: The World’s Fair

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