Minisink Maladies

By Staff
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Minisink Maladies

Jessica Cohen is a freelance reporter covering the fracking industry in New York state. In the following articles she tells the story of Minsink, NY — a small town navigating the hazardous implications of fracking.

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The Real Cost
of Fracking

The Effects of
Air Pollution

Gas Compressors
& Nose Bleeds

Environmental hazards from fracking may extend well beyond drilling sites. Gas power plant controversy in New York could repeat itself all over the country. Asthma, nosebleeds, and rashes were common among those living within one mile of the compressor.
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Home Sick

How to Measure Air Pollution in Your Home

How emissions from toxic gas compressor led family to abandon their nearby house amid health concerns. Identify relationships between emissions from gas infrastructure and symptoms experienced by people living nearby.  
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