From Grass to Cheese: The Nolan Family Farm

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<p>After you’ve read <a href=””>The Dark Side of Dairies</a> in our May-June 2010 issue, you’re going to be glad to meet the Nolan family. <strong>From Grass to Cheese: The Nolan Family Farm</strong> is a documentary work in progress. This small sample from the feature-length film is charming and inspiring. The producers are raising the funds to finish the film on the <a href=”” target=”_blank”>D.I.Y. fundraising site Kickstarter</a> and you can read all about it there.</p>
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<p>Want to find a operation like the Nolan Family’s Laurel Valley Creamery near you? We can help you <a href=””>find responsible, humane dairies</a>.</p>
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