Non-Toxic Body Care

In our Jan.-Feb. 2009 issue, we reprintedNot So Pretty in Pink an article by Stacey Malkan from Natural Solutions that’s all about the toxic chemicals found in makeup and body care products–and the health implications of marketing such products to young people. Utne Reader senior editor Keith Goetzman chimed in and illuminated the weak regulation that allows such health hazards into the marketplace unchecked.

We need better regulation–but until that happens, the best thing to do is educate yourself about the products you use on your body. We mined Utne Reader‘s sister publication Natural Home, as well as Natural Solutions, and learned about alternatives to toxic body care.

  • Teens for Safe Cosmetics, which Malkan mentions in her article, has recently launched a new product line for young people: Teens Turning Green is available at Whole Foods, and includes nine product designed for-and-by teens, all of which meet stringent standards (including no parabens or phthalates).
  • Download a PDF from Natural Solutions about their “Formidable 15,” the toxic ingredients you ought to avoid in body and skin care products.
  • A product recommendation from Natural Home for “happy, healthyfeet.”
  • Natural Home assistant editor Kim Wallace shares instructions for nontoxic nail nourishment, a DIYfacial, and a vinegar hair rinse. Also, read about Wallace’s experience using the first USDA-organic shampoo and conditioner.
  • Natural Home also has reported on a non-lathering, clay-based shampoo for those ready to give up synthetic suds.
  • Don’t dump chemicals on your pooch! Natural Home has a couple of ideas for nontoxic animal grooming products.
  • Natural Solutions‘ online wellness center, Natural Radiance, includes information-rich sections on hair care, skin care, and sun care–as well as the dark side of beauty. One recent post hips consumers to new labeling for natural products.

Image by annia316, licensed under Creative Commons.

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