Schooled in Green Living

By Staff
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College pamphlets often show students lounging in lush green grass, but the reality is that college campuses aren’t always eco-friendly. Energy-sucking iPods constantly blast into the ears of students, laptops are left running for caffeine-induced all-nighters, students play video games for hours on end, and beer cans are thrown on the ground instead of in the recycling bin. Some colleges, though, are trying to change their environmentally destructive ways.

The latest issue of Sierra, the magazine of the Sierra Club, gives a nod to North America’s greenest college campuses. Jennifer Hattam reports that 400 college and university presidents have signed a pledge to make their campuses carbon neutral. The magazine also honors the top ten leaders of the pack who are educating students and combating climate change. Harvard University, for example, has begun using recycling trucks that run on waste vegetable oil. And at Oberlin College in Ohio, more than half of the electricity on campus already comes from green sources. With so many educated and energetic young people congregating on campuses around the nation, it’s no wonder colleges are finally stepping up.

Cara Binder

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