Still More Tips on Going Green

By Staff

There are so many tips on going green, or eating green, or driving green, or sleeping green, that scientists have estimated that eliminating green-tips lists from environmental journalists’ repertoires would save over a million trees’ worth of paper a year. (Not really.) The environmental giant the Nature Conservancy has jumped into the game and surprised us all with some actually innovative tips from bona fide experts in the Everyday Environmentalist. These tips range from the simple, like replacing your car with a bike trailer, to the unexpected (drill holes in logs to provide bees a home to help protect pollinators from colony collapse disorder), to the nigh-on impossible (“You should only put on your skin ingredients that you would be able to eat as well”). They’re asking for readers’ tips, too. I bet Utne folks could come up with some sure to surprise them!

Brendan Mackie

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