The Green Building of Youth

By Staff

<p>There aren’t many problems that can’t be solved by eager, young college students. Last October’s <a title=”Solar Decathlon” href=”” target=”_blank”>Solar Decathlon</a>, for example, pit twenty teams of young over-achievers against each other in an competition to build the perfect solar home. The homes had to snag all of their power from the sun, and provide enough extra power to run a small electric car. The event was chronicled by <a title=”eight-year-old, green journalist Carrick McCullough” href=”” target=”_blank”>eight-year-old, green journalist Carrick McCullough</a>, who covered the event with some help from his father for the blog, <a title=”Autoblog Green” href=”” target=”_blank”>
<em>Autoblog Green</em>
</a>. When you add  McCullough’s fresh-faced journalism to the innovative environmental solutions from the event, the decathlon achieved the green triumvirate: it’s eco-friendly, it’s educational, and it’s also cute.</p>
<a href=””>Brendan Mackie</a>
<p>You can watch McCullough’s report below: </p>
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