The Sustainable City Network

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From Joondalup, Australia, to Zagreb, Croatia, to Curitiba, Brazil, to Edmonton, Canada, local governments have banded together to keep their cities ecologically sound as part of Local Action for Biodiversity (LAB), a project sponsored by the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI).

The Ecologist (article not available online) reports that 21 cities from around the world have signed on to promote biodiversity in their respective regions. Each city was tasked with assessing its needs and mapping out five long-term initiatives to work toward, whether it be protecting birds, putting a stop to invasive plants, constructing green transportation, or providing educational programming.

LAB aims to establish an international collective committed to promoting sustainable, urban environments. Starting in March of 2009 the program will be open for all cities to join, with the hope that its pioneer cities can offer up support and guidance to newcomers.

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