This New House

By Staff

<p>If <i>This Old House</i> strikes you as a bit too old, there is a new breed of building shows that teach you how to make your house pretty–and environmentally sustainable at the same time. Check out OnNetwork’s <a href=””>Mainstream Green</a> program, which has host Alex Pettitt helping you understand things like integrated pest management and on-site recycling. The latest episode on recycling shows how a handy “tub grinder” can be used on building sites to turn previously wasted wood, drywall, and brick into natural insulation. The show also takes you inside a paper recycling plant where you get to see the huge bales of paper waiting to be “repurposed.” If you still want more, <a href=”,2624,HPRO_26519_4567365,00.html”>check out HGTV Pro’s collection of green building “best practices.”</a> These videos give a bounty of green building tips for your next home improvement project.</p>
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