Urban Gardens for All Kinds of City Lots

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Finally: Garden guidance for those of us who don’t have big, sunny, plant-friendly backyards. The Baltimore-based magazine Urbanite offers gardening tips for difficult city lots (scroll down a bit for the article), suggesting what to grow in each of four funky urban yards: the shady yard, the all-concrete yard (a.k.a. the “no-yard yard”), the hilly yard, and the “rowhouse strip.” With handy illustrations! It’s a nice reminder of how flexible urban gardening can be.

The image at left is a typical Baltimore rowhouse strip: “It’s long, thin, and hotter than hell in the summertime,” Urbanite writes, but there’s still plenty of potential.

(And while you’re at it, consider turning your old bike wheel rims into a support for climbing plants.)

Source: Urbanite

Image courtesy of Kimberly Battista.

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