Understanding the Food System Week by Week

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The Food List brings attention to a particular food topic to catalyze sustainability and accountability.

Navigating our food system can be a challenging process—each month it seems like there’s a new trend and understanding our daily impact within a larger context can be difficult. That’s why The Lexicon of Sustainability has kicked off The Food List. Each week for a year, the project breaks down specific topics such as food waste, packaging, seeds, and humane treatment. This week’s theme is traceability and it focuses on the seafood industry. The comprehensive guide provides readers with information in a multitude of formats which can appeal to a wide range of ages. The topic’s webpage features terms related to the topic, a film, activities, information artwork, interviews and a recipe, all provided so readers can learn about overfishing and accountability efforts. Then when consumers go to the grocery store, they have better knowledge about how fish is raised and what to watch out for on product labels.   

The lists are compiled from a multitude of sources, from environmentalists to consumer rights groups to farmers themselves. The project’s overall aim is to “bring transparency and accountability to our nation’s food system and the impact it has on our environment and health.” You can sign up for The Food List or visit their website each week to read up on the latest (and past) themes.

Photo courtesy of The Lexicon of Sustainability.

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