Why the Climate Change Debate Makes No Sense – Crockpot 05.09.12

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It turns out that only about
a tenth of Americans
believe climate change isn’t real, and more than two
thirds think it should be a bigger political issue. The findings, by Yale and George Mason
University, fly in the
face of what’s passing for an environmental debate in this country, says Ecopolitology. Most Americans also
believe the environmentalism/economic growth conflict is a false one and that
sustainability can help create jobs. The really weird part? Another George
Mason study back in 2010 found that about
a quarter of weathercasters
thought global warming was a hoax. But
honestly, who believes what the weatherman says?

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Knowing more than one
language has a profound
effect on brain development
in children, and not just in language skills,
says New Scientist. New studies have
found that bilingual kids are better at concentrating, multitasking, and are
faster to empathize with others. And in adults, bilingualism may even stave off
the effects of aging, dementia, and Alzheimer’s as it keeps the brain active
and vital. The best part? It’s never too late to learn. Read

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