Culture of Fear: Crockpot 07.27.12

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Utne’s Guide to What You May Have Missed This Week

On Tuesday, four
undocumented immigrants revealed
their status
in front of Maricopa County Courthouse in Phoenix, and were promptly arrested, says In These Times. Inside
the courthouse, county sheriff Joe Arpaio, an infamous supporter of Arizona’s controversial
immigration law, SB 1070, faced charges of discrimination against Latino
communities. The arrested activists released a statement condemning federal and
state immigration laws, and the culture of fear they produced, beginning with
“We are no longer afraid.” The action kicks off a six-week No Papers, No Fear bus tour from Arizona to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. Along the way,
activists hope to persuade other immigrants to reveal their status, and to
raise awareness about immigration issues.

Twenty-four year old
Natally Cruz was one of the four activists to be arrested on Tuesday. Read her inspiring
blog post
on why she decided to risk deportation.  

Self-determination and
social equality have never been stronger in Latin America.
So why has the U.S.
has been quietly
building up
its military presence in heart of the continent?

Graphic: the gorgeous new Internet Map charts the 350,000
largest websites, their country of origin, and their traffic.

Keith Ellison and Michelle
Bachman are on opposite political poles. But their side-by-side Minnesota congressional
districts aren’t
all that different

Extrajudicial killing?
State surveillance? A government obsession with social order? Sound like
fascism? Maybe, but maybe
as well.  

Video: Rudyard Kipling on truth
in writing

Why we’re heading straight
for a food
, with or without a new farm bill.

Women are outperforming
men on a number of fronts. Where have all
the male role models

What Occupy means for street
, and why we should remember its history.

Why there’s (finally) reason
for hope
in Caribbean drug politics. 

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