A Look Into the Future That Never Was

I’ve been reading Matt Novak’s Paleo-Future blog since it launched in 2007. His obsession with “retro-futurism” has made him something of a scholar on the subject. Visit the blog today and you’ll find posts on a “mechanical man” from 1930 and the futuristic visions of a French commercial artist in 1899.Now Novak wants to make a magazine, and you can help.

He’s fundraising over at the collaborative fundraising site Indiegogo, and here’s his vision for the magazine and the benefits of funding it into reality:

Paleo-Future Magazine will look at past visions of the future including: jetpacks, flying cars, meal pills, end of the world prophecies, robots, gender roles, architecture, fashion, videophones, monorails, space travel and much more!

If you’re the podcast type, you can hear our interview with Novak last year for the UtneCast. You can also read Novak’s Utne.com guest post about the best online archives you’ve probably never heard of.

Source: Paleo-Future

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