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Alt Wire is a morning digest of links and information collected and explained by a different guest blogger every weekday. We asked today’s guest, Shakesville blogger Melissa McEwan, for five great links. Here’s what happened (check back for Monday’s guest, Paddy Johnson of Artfagcity):

Five links, they tell me. They asked me because they know I am a wicked, insurrectionary, feminist malcontent, and so they should not be surprised that my first order of business is breaking the rules. These are my seven deadly sins of the internets:

LustGlasvegas, my current unquenchable music crush, whose “Go Square Go” puts me in a Scottish pub during a footie match so certainly I check my shoetops for spilt ale.

GluttonyFeminist Literature, a compilation of the full texts of feminist literature available online, a virtual pâtisserie of delectables begging me to devour them whole and savor indulgently every nourishing morsel.

GreedFluevog, shoes in which to rule the world; my altar, my church, my Mecca, at which one day I will make these mine.

Sloth–The Chicago Museums, which, combined, can create a timesuck of link-adventuring so cavernous it is rivaled only by the devilry of YouTube’s related videos lists., an international humanitarian organization fighting poverty while centralizing women’s issues, more accurately described as the antidote to my wrath, a catharsis, the means by which my anger is translated into action.

EnvyRachel, whose recaps of my favorite show, “Lost,” make me laugh until I am gasping for air and are one of the very few things on the internet that ever make me think, “I wish I’d written that…”

PrideComment is free, the Guardian’s blog collective, the grand ambitiousness of which is rivaled only by its capacity to deliver, and I am proud to be a (very) small part.

BIO: Melissa McEwan is the founder and editor of the cultural blog Shakesville, which was highlighted in the Utne Reader’s survey of the feminist blogosphere.  McEwan also contributes to Comment is free America and AlterNet, and lives just outside Chicago with three cats and a Scotsman.

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