Best of the Twitter Inauguration

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While millions tuned in to watch Barack Obama’s inauguration on TV, a conversation was raging on the microblogging site Twitter. Some expected the site would be overwhelmed by the influx of traffic, but it held up remarkably well, allowing journalists, celebrities, and general netizens to chime in on the day’s proceedings. 

We’ve compiled a few of our favorite insights below. And don’t forget to visit the Utne Reader twitter page while you’re over there.

On the scene:

NewsHour:Sign down on the mall says “We Have Overcome”

anamariecox: People mobbing police officers, desperate for direction. Metaphor?

PatrickRuffini: Bearded bohemians richly represented

justacoolcat: Big crowd. So when do they release the bulls?

jdickerson: I believe that the Secret Service had to clear Aretha’s hat

Media Criticism:

Kaeti: How I wish that Hulu’s live coverage wasn’t sponsored by Mall Cop.

gmarkham:CBC reporter to kid: “Who’s cooler Obama or Kanye West?” WTF?

Jeffjarvis: If people would stop writing tweets predicting that Twitter will fail, maybe that will lighten the load enough so it doesn’t fail.

jdlasica:Now that The Speech is over, telemarketing calls have resumed. God bless America!

jayrosen_nyu: Get ready for four years of “…If you thought the election of Barack Obama was going to bring an end to partisanship, well, think again.”

On George W. Bush:

attackerman:GWBush listens to Feinstein’s call for ‘real and necessary change’ like I’M SITTING RIGHT HERE

hragvartanian:In a perfect world the helicopter Bush is leaving on should drop him off at Gitmo.

jeffshaw:Bush is being taken to the Hague off-camera right now. Right?

mollypriesmeyer: Get in your ‘copter, crook!

Personal Reflection:

hodgman:As a former woodwinder myself, I am not embarrassed to say: that is one handsome clarinetist.

msaleem:Obama is already killing my productivity.

JasonBarnett:President Obama’s speech was spectacular. Can’t wait to read it really really slowly, to infuse each word into my soul.

mfraase:Holy smokes! That was the longest eight years of my life.

youngamerican:Well, I cried like a fucking baby.

MCHammer: Pac this is for you….I know how you dreamed of this…I’m throwing a 2 in the air in your memory…love you !! Amen!

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