Dwell Magazine Likes Wood Slats

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You’ve surely encountered Dwell magazine in your travels. It’s the oversized architecture and design magazine exploding with beautiful homes and objects for the fairly well heeled. We couldn’t help but have a giggle when Metropolis (an architecture and design magazine for the really well heeled) took a stab at Dwell in their blogs. Here’s their Open Letter to Dwell Magazine:

Dear Dwell:

Love the magazine. As a favor, I have rewritten the Table of Contents of your July/August issue:

Cover        House with Horizontal Wood Slats
Page 43    House with Vertical Wood Slats
Page 52    House with Horizontal Wood Slats
Page 58    Ice Cream Makers
Page 66    Pavilion with Horizontal Wood Slats
Page 70    Philadelphia
Page 80    House with Horizontal Wood Slats
Page 88    House with Horizontal Wood Slats
Page 96    House with Vertical Wood Slats

I hope you find this useful.


Jeff Speck, AICP
Washington, DC

Putting aside the vertical and horizontal slats appearing on the Metropolis homepage, it’s a fair observation and a good ribbing. And not surprisingly, commenters used the opportunity to do a little ribbing of their own:

Gary @ 6:30 am: “At least the slats *are* a reason to read Dwell. No-one reads Metropolis

Herbert @ 10:37 am: “Well, at least Dwell sends me my magazine. And yes I subscribe to both.”

I believe the man they called Jesus had words for dust-ups like this one: “First take the vertical wood slat out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” Oh snap!

Source: Metropolis

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