What Happened to Frank Killick in Port-au-Prince?

Astute readers have been writing in to ask about the status of Frank Killick, the 24-year-old Haitian-American featured in our January-February issue who had never set foot in Haiti when he was deported to Port-au-Prince after being convicted of a minor crime in Florida.

We don’t have an answer yet. However, Amy Bracken, who profiled Killick, has been reporting from Haiti for PRI’s The World. The experiences she’s been relaying from Port-au-Prince are unlike any others I’ve heard and worth a listen. Here’s an excerpt from a recent dispatch:

The only act of violence that I saw was at a cemetery when a man was furious that the man burying his daughter wasn’t paying enough attention to burying his daughter and he was all over the place burying other people as well and that got a little bit sketchy and I was actually at a nearby funeral and members of that funeral ran over to try to break up the fight. Which I think shows that tensions are high but there is also a strong effort on the part of a lot of people to keep things calm.

Source: The World

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