How to Make Your Own Zine

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<p>There’s never a bad time to publish a zine–but here in Minneapolis it is undoubtedly a perfect moment. This weekend marks the <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Twin Cities Zinefest</a>, an exhibition of more than 40 zine publishers and artists. These reputable defenders of the small press may have honed their methods over many years, but zine-making is fundamentally an amateur’s game.</p>
<p>Zine-making is as easy or elaborate as you make it. Start with the supplies–for a basic zine, all you’ll need is a pen, paper, glue and a pair of scissors.  From there, the possibilities are endless. Honesty, self-expression and personal satisfaction are the only core values of zine-production according to the “Cut & Paste” mini-documentary.</p>
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<p>Once you’ve mastered the process, why not follow <strong>Broken Pencil</strong>’s guide to <a href=”″ target=”_blank”>set up a DIY screen-printing press</a> and make your zine even more memorable? No matter how you cut and paste your zine, we can’t wait to read it. Seriously. Send it here:</p>
<p>Utne Reader<br />
ATTN: Librarian<br />
12 N. 12th Street, Suite 400<br />
Minneapolis, MN 55403</p>
<p>Unlike blogs, zines are tactile, unique and timeless. And despite the popularity of online publishing tools, as <strong>Utne Reader</strong>’s former librarian Danielle Maestretti wrote in 2007, <a href=”” target=”_blank”>the zine-scene is here to stay</a>.</p>
<span style=”FONT-FAMILY: mceinline”>Source: <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Broken Pencil</a>
<em>Image by <a href=”” target=”_blank”>wadem</a>, licensed under <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Creative Commons</a>.</em>

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