Great Books from Independent Publishers

The Case of Dr. Sachs by Martin Winckler
Seven Stories Press
A bestseller in France, this second-person novel reveals the story of a doctor’s private suffering through the eyes of his patients and colleagues.

Cowboy Poetry Matters: From Abilene to the Mainstream edited by Robert McDowell
Story Line Press
This controversial anthology attempts to dispel the idea that cowboy poetry–celebrated across the West in 150 festivals–is marginal art.

Ecology of a Cracker Childhood by Janisse Ray
Milkweed Editions
Raised in a junkyard and trained as a naturalist, Ray sees the South rising again, this time to restore the land. Part of Milkweed’s new “The World as Home” series, the memoir won the 2000 Southeastern Booksellers Award.

Full Moon Boat by Fred Marchant
Graywolf Press
Amidst his own poems that explore violence–at home and at war–Marchant includes translations of Tran Dang Khoa, the child poet, whose poems on village life helped sustain the North Vietnamese during the long war.

Head by William Tester
Sarabande Books
Winner of Sarabande’s 1999 Mary McCarthy Prize in Short Fiction, Tester’s edgy collection of fear-driven stories follows the life of a Florida cracker farm boy.

Hummingbird House by Patricia Henley
MacMurray & Beck
Finalist for the 1999 National Book Award, this novel recounts an American midwife’s eight-year struggle to assist women and children left in the wake of Nicaraguan civil war and natural disaster.

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