Need Money for an Amazing Project? Just Ask.

There’s a rather inspiring look at Kickstarter over at Poynter:

As journalists face pay cuts and are asked to do more with fewer
resources, it has become increasingly difficult for them to find the
time and money to pursue large-scale enterprise stories or personal

But some journalists are finding a way to make it work. In recent months, they have raised thousands of dollars on Kickstarter, the crowd-funding journalism site, but it isn’t limited to journalists.

projects on the site, journalists say, has given them the opportunity
to pursue passions, think entrepreneurially about their work and find
new ways of interacting with audiences, not only after completing a
project, but while they’re working on it.

“The truth is, you
can get better results if you tap the collective brain power of a big
group of people” on the front end, said Robin Sloan, who has raised
about $7,000 more than the $3,500 he set out to raise since launching his book project on the site at the end of August

There is hope, friends. Now get out there and ask for some money!

Source: Poynter

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