Parting Thoughts from Rocky Mountain News Staffers

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The Columbia Journalism Review has compiled a hefty list of goodbyes from Rocky Mountain News staffers. The paper published its last issue today.

Bracing thoughts from sports columnist Dave Krieger:

Honestly? The corporate suits come in and cry their crocodile tears, then whiz on home to continue collecting their seven-figure salaries, pleased to have rid their shareholders of the albatross that was a helluva newspaper. Scripps is in the best financial shape of any newspaper company in America, save the Washington Post Co. . . .

We need publishers with vision and conviction and courage and it’s beginning to look like all we have are profiteers born on third base.

A eulogy of sorts from reporter Tillie Fong:

I feel the Rocky’s closing as a death–not as an institution but as a part of my life, a part of ME, that has died.

I always felt that the Rockywas this feisty little paper that reflects the spirit of the people that it serves–fiercely independent, outspoken, active, but also caring and compassionate.

Romenesko posted a Denver Post memo listing the Rocky journalists it’s hired; check out the rest of Romenesko’s ongoing coverage here.

Sources: Columbia Journalism ReviewRomenesko

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