Say Goodbye to “Homosexual Marriage”

By Staff

John Solomon, the new executive editor at the Washington Times,recently made some changes to the newspaper’s stylebook, specifically amending the sections referencing gays and immigrants, among others, reports the Washington City Paper.

The Pruden Times customarily put quotes around gay marriage and refused to call gays gays; they had to behomosexuals. By the same logic, illegal immigrants couldn’t be called illegal immigrants; they had to bealiens. The odd placement of quotes and labels distinguished the Times as both conservative and creepy.

The shift toward a more moderate style of news coverage may surprise readers familiar with the paper’s combative style and conservative slant on most issues. But not to fear: If you’re in the mood for some ultra-right paranoia, check out the responses readers left after the City Paper first reported on the stylebook changes. (Choice example: “The readership and the ad revenue will dive. I certainly won’t read the NEW PINKO TIMES.”)

Morgan Winters

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