Some Much-Needed Digital Conversion Humor

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Tired of all the confusion over the big digital conversion? The funny folks at McSweeney’s have just what you need: “Easy Instructions for the Conversion to Digital TV.” Here’s a choice excerpt:

First, if you already have cable, you don’t have to do anything–just keep paying your monthly subscription-fee plus premium-channel packages, surcharges for additional converter boxes and remote controls, FCC and OVS fees, OMG and LOL charges, the Stamp Act, parental-control monitoring, additional cost to meta-monitor the parental-control monitors, and the thirty-seven other expenses listed conveniently in the fine print of your bill in Section 46.2, Schedule C, reverse side.

(Thanks, Columbia Journalism Review. )

Source: McSweeney’s

Image by gbaku, licensed under Creative Commons.

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