Sustainable Linking: Bloggers Support Independent Booksellers

Bloggers and bookstores are often kindred spirits, but many bloggers link to the Amazon page for books they discuss in their posts. IndieBound recently added a book-linking feature that provides a user-friendly alternative: bloggers can link to book information and cover art on IndieBound, and users who follow the link and want to purchase the book can enter their zip code to find it at a local store.

The bookseller/blogger Bookavore is on a mission to rally her fellow bloggers in support of independent bookstores. “I’d like to encourage as many people as possible to, when using a link that is about a book, link to IndieBound,” she writes in a recent post. “I’m not asking anyone to stop linking anywhere, just to start linking to IndieBound as well (although, of course, I won’t stop anybody who decides to exclusively link to IndieBound; in fact, I might kiss them).”

Sources: BookavoreIndieBound

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