The Pen is Mightier than the Roundhouse Kick

By Staff
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Is there anything Chuck Norris can’t do? Besides loyally patrolling Dallas for eight years as a Texas Ranger, supporting Mike Huckabee’s presidential campaign, and reportedly single-handedly creating the baseball steroids scandal by breathing his superhuman strength into such players as Barry Bonds and Jose Canseco, the man has sparred with Bruce Lee. And now, Norris is a blogger for, a conservative news site. Like everything in the martial arts legend’s life, Norris brings the analysis full-force in his writing, turning out columns with titles like “Bruce Lee vs. Me” and “Guns, God and Gays.” But don’t worry: Just because The Chuck is a blogger now doesn’t mean he’s gone all intellectual. He can still kill a man with his steely gaze and drop an entire pro football team with one well-placed roundhouse kick.

 —Morgan Winters

Image by pvera, licensed under Creative Commons

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