The Ultimate Time-Waster for TV Lovers

By Staff

The world can be a lonely place–especially when you’re a TV geek. But late at night, when you’re thinking fondly of the ’70s TV series Kung Fu, with questions like “Is Caine, the kung fu master, destined to wander this earth alone, seeking justice all by himself?” swirling through the empty caverns of your soul, listen closely. You might hear TV buff Thom Holbrook’s voice whisper in response, “Worry not. Caine teams up with Kenny Rogers to kick racist butt in the 1991 made-for-TV movie The Gambler Returns.” This surprising connection and many, many others are documented with loving care on Holbrook’s staggeringly thorough list of television spinoffs and crossovers, which proves once and for all that everything is connected–on TV, at least.     

Morgan Winters

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