Our Most Popular Blog Posts of 2009

If our most read blog posts are any indication, our 2009 was filled with fighting, farming, eating, and science. Sounds like us. Here they are, in order of how voraciously you clicked on them: 

1. Longest Science Experiment Ever: The Pitch Drop Experiment is the longest running experiment that no one’s actually witnessed.

2. Dirty Sketches and Other Things Carried to the Moon: A New York City auction house auctioned off hundreds of tiny treasures from the glory days of NASA’s space program. If it weren’t for this damn recession, I’d have gone after one of those lunar rock box thingys.

3. The Sweet Release of Cardboard Tube Fighting: We were thrilled to catch wind of the Cardboard Tube Fighting League. Choosing the winners of the Utne Reader Independent Press Awards will never be the same.

4. Eating Meat for the Environment: Maybe we should be eating more hamburgers. The author of Deeply Rooted: Unconventional Farmers in the Age of Agribusiness speaks up for meat.

5. Is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Afraid of Mice?: A jab at regimes with a less-than-friendly disposition towards free expression.

6. New Pepsi Logo Looks Like a Little Fat Man: Artist Lawrence Yang responds to the much-maligned Pepsi logo redesign. Hacking corporate logos–it never gets old.

7. Are Vegetarians Living a Lie?: When an author comes out with a book called The Vegetarian Myth, as Lierre Keith has, you know she’s not treading lightly. Keith comes from an ex-vegan perspective in her takedown of vegetarianism and veganism.

8. Live, Nude Farming: Visitors to the Rising Sun Farm in River Falls, Wisconsin, are greeted by a sign stating: “Our Farm is Clothing Optional. Welcome.” Yikes.

9. Introducing the People’s Portable Garden: Nobody wants to stare out their window at a neglected, decrepit, empty plot of land that might sit waiting for a developer’s blueprints for months or even years.

10. The False Courage of Attacking False Courage: What is this thing called false courage and why is it under attack?

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