A Volcano-Inspired Magazine for Stranded Travelers

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It happens all the time–you’re just about to board a 747 to fly back across the Atlantic to resume life as usual and, all of a sudden, an Icelandic volcano erupts, stranding you in Europe for the next week. What to do with all that thumb-twiddling time trapped in airport purgatory? Inspired by the thousands of people just waiting to get home, Stranded is a new magazine for desperate souls delayed by blameless crises.

The one-shot, 88-page magazine was compiled and edited by Andrew Losowsky, who runs the magazine-industry blog Magtastic Blogspolosion. After Eyjafjallajökull blew its top this past April, the volcano’s ash plume grounded air traffic in Europe and indefinitely stranded Losowsky in Dublin. After sending out a creative call-to-arms, more than 50 contributors–also stranded by the eruption–pieced together a compelling, mixed-format primer on having someplace to go but no means of getting there. Losowsky writes:

It’s filled with true stories and amazing visuals, including volcano cocktails from around the world, the thoughts of a famous vulcanologist, a horror story set inside the ash cloud, 54 journalists in a 16-hour race to catch a boat, a chance encounter with a cute Parisian waiter, a playlist for abandoned airports, and much more.

Caption: Scenes from airport terminals around Europe.

Caption: An excerpt of “Losing Altitude,” a short story set inside the volcanic ash cloud.

Caption: Pictures of temporary beds inhabited by grounded travelers.

Source: The Magtastic Blogsplosion

Images courtesy of Andrew Losowsky.

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