The Crockpot: A Weekly Digest 10-08-2010

By Staff
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Every week we share links to stories, articles, and other interesting things we’ve come across online for you to enjoy over the weekend. It’s the crockpot; we add the ingredients for a great online meal.Enjoy!

Finally, a beer bottle designed to promote your musical tendencies.

A internvisually depicts how music taste differs between genders.

Check out the 10 most expensive books in the world.

Look! You can buy uranium online! Who knew?

Grain Edit is a beautiful website that highlights work from contemporary designers and illustrators whose styles are influenced by the aesthetic of the 1950s-70s.

A man philosophizes on the various aspects of his neighborhood White Castle.

A Virus Comix illustration depicts the different paths of Gertraud Junge and Sophie Scholl, two young women of similar age, during the Holocaust.

Fans of contemporary fine-art photography will enjoy Conscientious, a website featuring interviews with photographers and links to interesting photo projects from around the world.

Despite the availability of cheap labor in China, Sabiq Rahim of ClimateWire says that manufacturing jobs in the electric car industry have nowhere to go but America.

Slate chronicles the tragedy at the Virginia Quarterly Review that ended in its managing editor’s suicide.

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