The Crockpot: A Weekly Digest 12-01-2010

By Staff
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Every week we share links to stories, articles, and other interesting things we’ve come across online for you to enjoy over the weekend. It’s the crockpot; we add the ingredients for a great online meal.Enjoy!

Maybe we’ve been living under a rock–you know, too caught up in our alternative media over here–but what the hell is going on with Randy Quaid?

A frog dissection made with LEGOs. Seriously.

The animated environmental video short The Story of Stuff went so very, very viral that it launched a cottage industry for filmmaker Annie Leonard. Her latest is The Story of Electronics, about “designed for the dump” consumer tech products.

Artsy folks will love counting down the days until Christmas with this advent calendar on Tumblr.

Also worth checking out: 3rd of May, another Tumblr that will feature an artwork every day, all year long.

Yes, your local community college may have a wind-power technician training program, but don’t be fooled: America is fast falling behind other countries in the push for green jobs.

Lapham’s Quarterly has a really fun chart of gangs in New York from 1840 to 1910.

As we approach the solstice, gray moods and scant sunlight pervade–which makes it a perfect time to wallow in gloomy literature for dreary days.

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